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Organize my life.

December 25, 2010

   The first step I’m taking to stop procrastination is to organize my home. I moved last year and I never got around to unpacking everything. I know that may seem strange, but I could always think of an excuse to just “do it later.” Which I obviously never did. Today is Christmas and I’m spending it with my Mom,4 siblings,2 nieces,and husband. When I get home the plan is to get right to work cleaning, and putting things in their own place. I know I should be relaxing today but for the first time all year I feel like getting something done… It feels like I went through all of this past year with my eyes closed and now I’ve just decided to rub, and open them.  My apartment looks like a tornado hit it so I probably have a couple of days work ahead of me and this weekend is just the perfect time to do it.


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