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So what if I didn’t clean my apartment !!! Screw you.

January 1, 2011

My last post was so courageous and brave, written with the determination to prove to (or convince) myself  that I was going to clean my whole place from top to bottom. Putting every thing in its place and sorting through all the shit I should have thrown out or put away a long time ago. The day after my last post I walked into my living room and decided to attempt to tackle my computer desk. It sits in front of  a couple of over sized windows that just shed too much light on my “situation” even with the blinds closed. Suddenly it became apparent that my nails needed a new coat of polish and I just didn’t have enough time to do what ever it was I wanted plus clean off  that desk. Needless to say that day I found a more enjoyable way to spend my precious time.


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  1. My kitchen is now dirty… I wonder if I should take a pic of it before and after? Well,I gotta make it fun some how or it will never get done.

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